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The West Warwick Public Library Passport Acceptance Program

Maybe you’re traveling to see a relative in your homeland. Maybe you’ve got important business waiting across the border. Maybe you’re a diamond thief fleeing from the law! Just kidding. Whatever the case, the West Warwick Public Library is proud to help walk you through the process of applying for and acquiring your very own passport! Here’s how:

Like death and taxes, forms for government services are guaranteed. This process is no different. Visit the Reference Department for a DS-11 form or click here: to print your own. This form is for applicants who have never had a passport before or have had one issued 15 years ago or more. USE ONLY BLACK INK. Complete questions 1 – 21. DO NOT SIGN THE APPLICATION. It must be signed in front of a sworn passport acceptance agent.

Call 401-828-3750 x 4 or visit the Reference Department to schedule your appointment. Not all staff are trained as agents! The library being open does not mean the passport office is open and availability is subject to change. Currently, appointments will be scheduled to take place during: Monday & Wednesday 4 PM – 8 PM, Tuesday & Thursday 10 AM – 2 PM, Friday 1 PM – 3 PM, and Saturday 10 AM – 12 PM. NOTE: The library will be CLOSED Saturdays starting July 6 through August 31, so NO passports can be processed on Saturdays during these dates.

In addition to your filled out DS-11 form, we need at least 2 other things from you.

First, an original, certified copy of your birth certificate with file date and raised seal from the town or state where the applicant was born (all birth certificates must include both parents’ names and hospital issued certificates will not be accepted) -OR- a previous U.S. Passport (expired is okay) -OR- a naturalization certification.

Second, a valid RI driver’s license (non-RI license holders must also submit either a military ID, insurance card, social security card, workplace ID, or school or college ID) -OR- a valid passport book or card.

Third, a photo of yourself. The library can create this for you during your appointment for a $10 fee. If you are providing your own photo, it must be color, taken within the past 6 months, 2″ x 2″, full face, eyes visible and without glasses, no head adornments, with a plain white or light color background.

Be sure to bring these documents and your completed DS-11 form with you to your appointment!

You’ll need two checks, two money orders, cash and a check, or cash and a money order. Why?

The West Warwick Public Library charges $35 for passport services. If you are having us create a photo for you, add $10 to this charge. Credit cards are not accepted at this time. We take cash, check, or money order. Make this payment out to: West Warwick Public Library.

In addition to the above charge for our services, the U.S. Department of State charges for the processing of passports. They offer Routine Service (6 – 8 weeks) for free but can provide Expedited Service (2 – 3 weeks). If you are choosing Expedited Service, add $60 to what you are paying for below. Credit cards and cash are not accepted at this time. They take check or money order. Make this payment out to: U.S. Department of State. Prices are listed below:

Routine Service (6 – 8 weeks):
Passport Book – Adult   $110
Passport Book – Child   $80
Passport Card – Adult   $30
Passport Card – Child   $15
Passport Book & Card – Adult   $140
Passport Book & Card – Child   $95

Expedited Service (2-3 weeks):
Passport Book – Adult   $170
Passport Book – Child   $140
Passport Card – Adult   $90
Passport Card – Child   $75
Passport Book & Card – Adult   $200
Passport Book & Card – Child   $155


Passport Frequently Asked Questions

What does getting a passport cost?

Most applicants spend $145. At West Warwick Public Library, there is a $35 service fee. If you have us take your application picture, add $10 to this fee. Purchasing the most basic passport - a single adult passport book - is $110. If you need the passport shipment expedited, add $60 to this fee. Multiple items and purchasing options are available, listed above under "STEP 4: PAYMENT AND THE WAITING GAME".

What forms of payment do you take?

You'll need two separate payments. One is for West Warwick Public Library. We only take cash, check, or money order. NO credit/debit cards will be accepted. Checks and money orders can be made payable to West Warwick Public Library. This should be for $35 (or $45 if we are taking your picture). The second is for the U.S. Department of State. They only take check or money order. NO cash or credit/debit cards will be accepted. Checks and money orders can be made payable to U.S. Department of State.

What is the difference between a Passport Book and a Passport Card?

A Passport Book is your all-access ticket to traversing the globe; it is an essential legal document for traveling that has no imposed restrictions. A Passport Card was created with affordability in mind, but has many more restrictions. With a Passport Card, only land travel and sea travel are allowed, and only between the United States, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. A Passport Card CANNOT be used for air travel.

That processing time is ridiculous! I need to travel NOW!

That's... not a question. But we understand! Even the Expedited Service of 2 - 3 weeks can be a long wait for someone who has a trip planned soon. In the case of emergency travel (less than 2 weeks until departure), or if you need to obtain a foreign visa within 4 weeks, you are eligible to schedule an appointment at the Boston Passport Agency. Call 1-877-487-2778 for an appointment. Will call pickup service is offered for life or death emergencies and immediate international travel. NOTE: You will need to provide proof of the emergency situation.

My spouse can't make our appointment for our child's passport.

That's not a question, either! Normally, for all children under 15 years of age, they and both parents must appear in-person. However, if you're the only parent that can appear, you must bring a completed, notarized DS-3053 consent form to your appointment. Click the question mark circle of this "question" to be directed to a downloadable/printable DS-3053 consent form. NOTE: The DS-3053 must be filled out by the parent who will be absent, one and the form requires both front and back copies of his/her identification to be submitted with the form.

I am a single parent. Do I need anything extra for my child's passport?

Yes! Single parent households must provide primary evidence of sole custody, such as a court order documentation or a death certificate.

Does the library process passport renewals, too?

Unfortunately, no. While we can provide you with the proper forms, our program only processes DS-11 forms, which are for creating brand new passports or new passports for someone who has not updated their passport in 15 or more years.

Can you help me with lost or stolen passport claims?

Yes! First, you'll need to complete a DS-64 form in addition to the DS-11 form. Click the question mark circle of this question to be directed to a downloadable/printable DS-64 form. You can submit the DS-64 form AND the DS-11 form during your appointment with us, or the Department of State offers three other options listed on the first page of the DS-64 form. NOTE: the DS-64 is 2 pages!