30 Minutes or Less or Your Book is FREE

As a cornerstone of the community, libraries need to stay free and accessible to all citizens. At West Warwick Public Library, we acknowledge that a community has members that have personal situations keeping them homebound or otherwise unable to travel to us. So we decided to bring the library to these patrons instead!

If you or someone you know has difficulty or cannot travel to the library due to illness, permanent or temporary disability, or senility, then consider contacting our Outreach Program! All materials with the exception of 1-week loan items and the newest magazine issues can be transported to you for FREE. For questions or more information, please contact Anne Capezza at (401) 828-3750 x 5 or anne@wwpl.org.

Here’s how it works: contact us or fill out an application below to become a member. Once a member, let us know exact titles you wish to borrow or let us help research some for you. Every three weeks, we will deliver your requested materials to you and pick up any materials you have borrowed. There are phone call reminders and follow-ups prior to delivery/pickup, so please have an open line of communication! Ready to become a member?

Outreach Program Frequently Asked Questions

What are the exact requirements to join outreach?

Applications are accepted on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the program leader. There are no definitive requirements to join the Outreach Program. That being said, applicants seeking aid should have understandable reason to do so. Examples include patrons that have trouble moving, cannot leave their home, or cannot drive or take public transportation due to illness, injury, disability, or disorder.

Do I need a library card to use outreach services?

Yes! A library card and account with any library in Rhode Island is necessary. This helps us track what items go where and aids in our inventory data collection. Our program places holds on the items you request, then checks them out to your account before delivering them. If you don't have a library card, you can sign up for one by visiting us or online by clicking the question mark of this question.

I read slow and I'm afraid of overdue fees...

Good "question". Luckily, the Outreach Program protects members from overdue fees! We understand that life happens for both our patrons and our program volunteers and sometimes materials transported may be late. In addition, all materials automatically renew TWICE before they are considered overdue (unless another patron places a hold on the item), so there's less stress for those of us that like to take our time reading. However, please be aware that lost or damaged items will still be subject to penalty.

I broke both of my legs! Can I join outreach temporarily?

Yes, you poor thing! The Outreach Program is not intended to be a lifelong service (even though it can be). Patrons who love using the library and unfortunately fall ill or experience a temporary disability can contact us and join the program until they recover. Please keep in mind that this program is a service designed for those that truly need it and any exploitation will result in membership termination.