A Mouse's Favorite Game, Next to Hide-and-Squeak!

That was a cheesy pun, and ABC Mouse's educational power is no laughing matter. Available free of charge for our patrons, West Warwick Public Library now features ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy software! Any patron on a computer or tech device using the library's Wi-Fi connection can visit abcmouse.com and immediately jump into a virtual classroom adventure. There's dozens of games to play, prizes to collect, and challenges to complete for all learning levels.

ABC Mouse is a powerful, trusted software that adapts to your child’s approach to learning. It features constant updates with new puzzles and content added frequently, including holiday-themed events. Children can customize a character to their liking and explore this world as they please. They can play anything without an account or create one to pick up their journey whenever they visit.

The Youth Department features two computers dedicated to this program where your child can be safe from accidentally visiting other websites or clicking away from their current session while learning how to use a computer, keyboard, and mouse. We are excited to host this software program to empower your child's learning and the fun they have on technology. We think you'll enjoy it, too!